Foster Parent Agreement

I understand that if at any time I cannot or do not wish to keep this cat, I MUST contact Forgotten Felines.

I agree to provide this foster animal with loving care; including healthy food, fresh water, shelter, medication (when required), proper exercise and socialization. I will use only positive reinforcement and will seek advice of how to do so. I will never hit the animal, or force it into submissive positions.

While the animal is in my care, I will strive to keep him/her, myself, and other people safe at all times. Cats must be kept indoors.

I understand that it’s best to keep my own pets separate from the foster animal initially (2 weeks are recommended).

I understand that I will have all of my own pets current on their vaccines. FF cannot administer medications to, or pay costs for, foster’s personal pets if they get sick or injured.

I agree that the animal shall remain the sole property of FF and I do not have the authority to keep or place my foster animal in any other home or with other individuals. I agree to attend at least two adoption events each month.

If a problem arises, such as illness or a cat escapes, I will call my Forgotten Felines contact (listed below) immediately!

FF cannot be responsible for medical bills that are not pre-approved.

If I need to return my foster animal for any reason, I will try to let the foster team or the adoption center staff know 48 hours ahead of time so a space can be made ready.

I agree to hold FF and its employees harmless from loss, injury, or damages arising or connected to fostering an animal.

I understand that if the terms of this foster contract are not followed, Forgotten Felines may reclaim this cat and seek restitution for all expenses incurred.

I certify that the above information is accurate and complete.

I authorize the release of veterinary information related to my current and past pets.

I authorize my landlord to verify my ability to house a pet on his/her property.

Forgotten Felines reserves the right to deny any application.

Thank you for considering fostering a cat from Forgotten Felines.

We are responsible for finding the best possible foster home for this animal. Consequently, applications may take up to 24 hours to process. Please be patient – your new kitty is well worth the wait!

Your next step is to fill out our Foster Parent Application. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours!